Co30z3IWcAAO_CxPhilosophy is part of the school curricula and everyone has gone to at least one course of philosophy. For those who have discovered a passion in this, they can follow special college or university courses. However, for those who don’t know what it is, we’re here to give you some insights into this.

GodelThe word “philosophy” comes from the Greek word “philosophia” which literally means “love of wisdom”, and this can be translated as the study in fundamental and general problems that concern matters like knowledge, existence, values, mind, reason and language.

When you think about philosophy, you need to consider several techniques that include critical discussion, questioning or rational arguments and systematic presentations. There are classic questions that any philosopher ask himself like is it possible to know anything/something and to also prove it? Or – what is most real?

Simple questions with hard to give answers is the goal of any philosophical association, so let’s see what this is about.

The Goals

A philosophical association will promote the discipline and the profession of philosophy in different environments, like within the academic area and the public area. The association will also support the professional development for philosophers at different levels and it works for fostering a greater appreciation and understanding of the value of the philosophical inquiry.

The Activities in Scholarship

Any philosophical association will support different scholarships by producing different publications. These represent a general interest for the philosophical community, along with different scholarly journals or newsletters on different topics that are of interest for the different subgroups that are within the association.

It also helps in sponsoring conventions and conferences, including different divisional meetings. The association also provides special grants for specialized conferences and projects, or they offer support for other smaller philosophical associations. They also foster international cooperation, by working with different foreign counterparts on different issues that are of common concer.

The Teaching

Every philosophical association supports the development for teaching and dissemination of the teaching materials along with techniques at different levels, which provide support for the efforts of those that teach philosophy in school – primary and secondary levels. They also publish different newsletters on teaching techniques of philosophy and also can sponsor different teaching sessions.


There are different educational programs that can help you if you want to get a degree in philosophy, and the first one is the bachelor’s degree. Ever since 1987, the number of those who have gotten a degree in philosophy has doubled. Apart from this, there is also the master’s degree in philosophy, and the numbers for those who have taken this type of course have also known an increase since it was first introduced in the curricula in the 80’s.

socialjusticeFinally, there is the doctoral degree that can be obtained after the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. Once you finish all these, if you choose it as your career, you can be a part of a philosophical association and bring your contribution to develop this area.

The Career Development

For those who understand philosophy and who would like to follow a career in this domain, they can take different courses in finishing their education and being able to teach others. Apart from colleges and universities who can offer you the possibility to finish your courses, you can also attend different additional course. There are special projects for those who have obtained a degree in philosophy and help them seek a job in teaching philosophy. The associations of philosophy have these projects that help them go beyond the discrimination that is often found in this field and even for those that are part of the underrepresented groups.